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Redundancy: Caring for Yourself and Others

01/03/2018, £4.95
In our changing times, redundancy can happen to any working person. Author Laurell A Hector maps out proactive strategies to respond to it.

Responding to a World in Need

A timely book in two parts - the first covers the Church year and the second, specific situations, such as distress, deprivation, service and authority.

Rites and Wrongs of Liturgy

01/05/2018, £10.99
We all want to celebrate the liturgy well, to experience good, uplifting, and meaningful worship. But what is the best route to follow? In The Rites and Wrongs of Liturgy, Thomas O'Loughlin offers a way forward that strengthens faith, builds up Chris

Share Christ

Evangelization isn't just for preachers, popesand missioneries. It's something all of us as baptised Christians should do.

Stations of the Cross: Brother Francis

Presented with the same loving reverence as all other episodes, "Brother Francis: The Station of the Cross" is an inspiring way to let our hearts be touched with the sacrifice of our Lord on His way to Calvary.

Terminal Illness: caring for yourself an

31/05/2018, £4.95
The diagnosis of a terminal illness can have devastating consequences on the individual and their loved ones.

The End of Suffering: Finding Purpose in

01/10/2009, £10.99
Is there meaning in our afflictions? With the thoughtfulness of a pilgrim and the prose of a poet, Scott Cairns takes us on a soul-baring journey through "the puzzlement of our afflictions."
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