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Tomorrow's Parish: a vision and a path

31/01/2018, £12.99
Today s parish is entering a time of both challenge and opportunity. Churchgoers and priests are growing older and fewer, and the Church itself has lost much of its credibility.

Transforming Parish Communications

Help transform Catholics into "digital missionaries" - ready and able to take the joy and warmth of the Gospel online through social media to infrequent, inactive, or ex-Catholics around the corner or across the globe.

Why? Course Book

09/09/2013, £4.95
The WHY? Course is a three-part introduction to the Catholic Faith from the Catholic Truth Society.

YOUCAT Confession

31/01/2018, £5.95
“It simply does not work any other way: When you want to give Jesus room in your life, you cannot do without reconciliation ("confession").” The YOUCAT Confession book is a practical guide created to take away undue anxiety about the Sacrament, an

Your Child's First Confession

01/05/1993, £3.95
Your Child's First Confession

Your Godchild

01/10/2009, £4.25
How to be a Catholic godparent.

Your Parish Is the Curriculum: RCIA

27/02/2018, £12.99
We all agree that the community needs to be involved in the RCIA. So we make bulletin and Mass announcements explaining the rites and the RCIA process, hoping the parishioners will "get" their responsibility to initiate these seekers. Then, although

Your Wedding in the Catholic Church

15/01/2016, £4.25
This fully updated and redesigned edition of Your Wedding offers useful advice to newly engaged couples who want to get married in a Catholic church.
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