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I Want to Make My Home in You (Child's Book)

12/02/2018, £7.95
This programme is designed to prepare children for receiving the sacraments of reconciliation and the Eucharist or to deepen their understanding of these sacraments.

In God's Hands

When one receives a devastating diagnosis or their loved one does, it is difficult to know how to handle it.

Intellectual Disability: Caring for Yourself and Others

01/03/2018, £4.95
Liam Waldron and Cristina Gangemi have been reflecting on and writing theologically about disability for many years.

Jesus Comes to Me

A clear, comprehensive and fun guide for children aged 6-8 who are preparing for their First Confession and First Communion.

Jesus. Teach us about Lent

These prayerful activities can help young minds and hearts understand Lent and prepare for the glory of Easter.

Life After Loss: Helping the Bereaved

01/12/1999, £10.99
What do you say after you've said Sorry for your trouble?
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