Lent and Easter 2018

Ash Wednesday - 14th February        Palm Sunday - 25th March        Maundy Thursday - 29th March        Good Friday - 30th March          Easter Sunday - 1st April

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40 Days and 40 Nights

Lenten Devotions for children

40 Days with Jesus: An invitation to know Him better

20/02/2015, £8.99
How well do you know Jesus? This little book of daily readings introduces you to the character and life of Jesus Christ. "My hope is that as you read, you'll discover, or will remember, just how central Jesus is to Christianity," says Malcolm.

A Fresh Start with God: Reflections for Lent

Joyce Huggett has written for busy people and helps us to ask searching questions about how we live and pray, and how to discover what lessons we can learn as we journey with Jesus from his baptism to his suffering, death and resurrection.

A Little Life of Jesus

Twelve stories, each with an introduction to link its meaning to the world of the child, and with a closing prayer to say or to ponder.

A Time-Travel Guide to the Land of Jesus

21/04/2017, £9.99
Pack your walking sandals, your shekels, and your phrase book and take a step back in time! The year is 50 AD and Galilee is THE place to be. This handy guide will show you the must-sees, the history, the bargain buys, and more.

Approaching Easter

20/01/2006, £7.99
In this gentle, reflective book, Jane Williams encourages us to make space for reflection and, in so doing, to draw closer to God.
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