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Why Worry!

06/09/1979, £1.95
The Christian's Vocation to Trust in God

Witnesses to the Risen Christ

09/09/2013, £1.95
This collection of the Holy Father’s catecheses over the Easter period are a splendid insight into the living Faith of a man who has brought so much hope and optimism to the faithful around the world.

Words for Feasts and Saints Days

01/05/2015, £2.50
‘The liturgical year is one of the great givens of the Christian life. We live our lives within it’

Words of Encouragement

01/01/1997, £1.95
Father Considine died in 1928. He had become famous for his remarkable retreats. His manner was marked by extraordinary simplicity and directness.

Words of Wisdom from the Church Fathers

08/05/2017, £2.50
Author Jimmy Akin gathers the wisest, most practical teachings and exhortations from the Fathers of the Church, to show us that our Christian forbearers have much wisdom from which we can learn.
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