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A Catechism of Christian Doctrine

31/01/2015, £5.95
This elegantly redesigned and illustrated pocket catechism provides a wealth of detailed explanation and guidance on the Catholic faith and remains a classic still very much in demand.

A Catechism of Christian Doctrine

The original ‘Penny Catechism’ in question and answer format.

A Catholic Approach to Dying: Death

01/03/2006, £1.95
This booklet invites us to examine our attitude towards death, and discover that taking death on board enhances the way we live our life

A Catholic Patient's Guide to Hospital

31/03/2017, £2.50
This booklet responds to pressing questions that can arise when being admitted to hospital, whether suddenly or planned.

A Catholic Prayer Book

06/05/2014, £2.50
Contains a wide variety of prayers to accompany us through the day, with well known Catholic devotions, suited to both private and shared settings.

A City Set on a Hill

17/10/2017, £1.50
Historical novels, science fiction, apologetics, plays, poems, children’s books: Robert Hugh Benson was both a versatile writer and a remarkably prolific one.

A Divine Gift: The Consecrated Life

01/01/2014, £2.50
This unique booklet explains the origins in the Gospel and the continuing value of the Consecrated life as a sign of God’s love to the Church and to the world.

A Handbook of Scriptural Novenas

30/04/2015, £2.50
Newly composed novena prayers taking figures from Scripture, as examples of themes and intentions for prayer relevant to the lives of Christians today.

A Library of Tales - Vol 1

17/10/2017, £1.50
Lady Herbert’s Wayside Tales are in the classic vein of “improving literature”. CTS published thirty volumes of them in 1899; some were still in print two decades later.

A Library of Tales - Vol 2

17/10/2017, £1.50
Historical fiction, and improving tales for the working classes, were two staples of Catholic storytelling between the Wars.
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