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7 Secrets of Confession

16/09/2013, £10.99
7 Secrets of Confession

A Year with the Catechism

01/12/2017, £12.95
A Year with the Catechism offers an achievable method of reading the Catechism through in one year.

Abiding the Long Defeat

08/05/2018, £14.00
This book makes a fresh contribution to a growing genre of popular literature facing Christianity’s late-modern or postmodern decline.

By What Authority?

01/02/2018, £17.99
Inspired by Pope Francis's bold rereading and determined implementation of the teaching of Vatican II, Richard Gaillardetz has completely revised and expanded his book By What Authority?

Catechism of the Catholic Church

22/04/2016, £12.95
This new paperback edition of the CCC brings the language of the Catechism into line with the latest liturgical translations to ensure a seamless connection between the Church’s teachings and liturgy. The new clearer and more attractive layout makes

Catechism of the Catholic Church

22/04/2016, £24.95
This new hardback edition from CTS bring together affordability, simplicity and elegance to make the gift of the Catechism accessible to everyone.
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